Supply: galvanized steel strip, color coated steel strip, light steel keel, hot-dipped galvanized strip steel, ceiling keel
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Excellent quality, quality service and good credit is the consistent principle of our company. Excellent quality, technical advancement and customer¡¯s satisfaction is the consist objective our company pursues. To be united and struggling is the consistent spirit of our company. Looking ahead for the new century, China has entered into WTO, which makes enough preparation for opening international market. Hong Run will create a beautiful tomorrow together with the person of visions with our advanced technology, equipment, strong economical power and professional production technology!

We¡¯d like to tell you: honesty is our life; honesty is our eternal pursuit.
Our slogans are: What you need is the support to us!
Your development is our hope!
Your resplendence is our objective!

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